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Some Examples of Client Engagements and Results . . .

We provide a broad range of organizational consulting services: work and business process redesign, assessment, mergers and acquisitions, change and transition management, facilitation, customer satisfaction strategy, and strategic and project planning--all in a systems consulting framework. We help our clients achieve a competitive advantage by developing practical customized solutions to business problems. We are systems consultants who focus on long-term solutions that are highly tailored to your needs. If we can support you and your goals, please let us know. We’d be happy to meet with you and talk in more detail about your objectives.

Developing strategic and operational plans that provide clarity and focus.

  • Strategic Planning consulting for a financial services organization. Designed a tailored planning process, facilitated key meetings of staff and Board of Directors resulting in a plan that staff could be excited about and implement, and a Board that applauded the plan’s integration into business systems and employee objectives.
  • Strategic Planning consulting for one of California's largest cities. Consulted on plan and process design, facilitation of major meetings, served as consultant to City Manager and Strategic Task Force, made City Council presentation/facilitation resulting in a 15-year strategic plan that had stakeholder buy-in and was well-integrated into the business and budgeting planning processes.
  • Strategic and product plan development for a high tech R&D team. Conducted an assessment of past processes and usable tools, debrief recommendations, designed and facilitated meetings with managers and whole team that resulted in exceeding client expectations for the plan result and process.
  • Strategic planning process for a legal litigation firm. Conducted an assessment, debriefed recommendations, designed and facilitated meetings with partners. Resulted in a well-integrated plan, a new business model, and improved marketing approach, and more clearly defined decision-making.
  • Strategic Plan development for a major multi-site medical center that gained the alignment and support of the Board of Trustees, staff, physicians, and labor.
  • Strategic Plan, organizational design, and plan implementation consulting to a public health care agency undergoing major culture and service shifts. As a result, the agency moved from providing population-based services to community-based services, initiating public/private partnerships, changing the funding base, and redesigning the organization. Plan development, facilitation of strategic and operational meetings, and ongoing consulting.

Redesigning work, organizations, and systems to provide better service, to streamline and integrate processes, and to reduce costs.

  • Design and facilitation of a financial work redesign process for a Fortune 500 corporation. Designed a process and facilitated thirty participants from Europe, South America, Asia, and the U.S. in simplifying and integrating strategic planning, budgeting, capital expenditures, and systems requirements, streamlining paperwork and saving thousands of hours of time for over 2,000 managers worldwide.
  • Design and facilitation of a project post-mortem process for a software development corporation, that resulted in faster TT$ for future releases and an increased continuous learning environment.
  • Design and facilitation of a reinvention strategy and launch processfor a global services team of a major corporation. Met quarterly with top 20 global managers to define business opportunities, economic buyer/billing model, vision of people, processes, and services, operation principles, priorities, owners, action plan and communication plan. The result was cost savings to the corporation and alignment down and across the team of 5,000 employees worldwide in this group.
  • Design and facilitation of a comprehensive redesign of a county emergency medical system, that was the result of the collaboration of disparate groups — city managers, EMT’s, ambulance service companies, fire captains, unions, physicians, third party payors, and county EMT administrators. This work gained nationwide attention and an article co-authored with the client was featured in the "Futures" section of the 40th anniversary issue of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services.
  • Design and facilitation of a comprehensive capacity assessment processfor a County public health department that provided the foundation for integration of 11 clinical and policy departments and improved service to clients and the community.
  • Design and facilitation of a streamlined planning and budget proposal processfor the channel marketing organization of a Fortune 500 corporation resulting in time and cost savings for 30 managers, and improved working relationships with other department partners.

Supporting joint development initiatives, mergers, acquisitions,and divestitures.

  • Representative/consultant for VP of HR on acquisitionteam in a major financial services organization. Provided consulting to acquisition team on change and culture issues. Kept VP of HR apprised on strategic and operational issues; made recommendations on change and employee integration process, resources, and priorities. Resulted in proper resourcing and project management for acquisition process, proactive avoidance of problems, employee retention, and a smoother transition for both organizations and their employees.
  • Consultation to General Manager and staff on a divestiture. Provided expertise on change management and employee retention. Coached GM, management/ supervisory team, and individuals throughout divestiture and subsequent acquisition with another major organization. Resulted in reduced liability for the company, continued engagement of employees throughout the process, and successful outplacement of the entire workforce.
  • System-wide effectiveness audit of a joint development initiative between a major high tech corporation and a smaller partner. Presented findings and recommendations to management, and facilitated course correction plan, resulting in faster TT$, fewer surprises with negative impact, and improved communication between the partners.

Designing and facilitating an international conference.

  • Design and consulting for an international conference in Hong Kong attended by U.S. Fortune 500 corporations (1/3 of attendees), and major Asian corporations located in 12 Asian countries (2/3 of attendees). Provided consultation on intercultural issues with our associates from Hong Kong, Laos, and China. Also facilitated plenary sessions. Results were a high level of engagement and participation among attendees from diverse cultures with many languages, culturally-appropriate session design and facilitation, and very high evaluations from attendees.

Speeding up and improving teamwork; helping teams embrace changes in management and/or membership while increasing productivity.

  • New Manager/New Team Fast Track consulting for a Vice President of a global high-tech firm who manages a 15,000 person, $4 billion segment of the organization. Design and facilitation of a similar process for:
    • the VP of a large high-tech human resources group, which supports some 39,000 employees.
    • the CEO of a medical center with 2,000 employees.
    • the CEO of a high-tech start-up organization.
    • and numerous other CEOs and their executive teams and department managers and their staffs.
  • Board development for a large, private foundation’s Directors, resulting in a Board succession plan, plus a more effective and efficient meeting process.
  • Team development consulting with a variety of intact and cross-functional teams in a broad spectrum of industries. We specialize in addressing the unique challenges of groups who are split across domestic and international geographies or internal groups working cross-functionally. Some examples of team we have worked with include:
    • Teams that had conflicts due to personality issues and cultural issues, resulting in better use of time and greater job satisfaction;
    • Teams that functioned quite well, but wanted to maximize their performance, resulting in accelerated learning and performance;
    • Teams that had historically operated as silos, who needed to function as an integrated team, resulting in greater collaboration on integrated business goals and customer service.
    • Teams that were not achieving their results and wanted to ID the problems and course-correct, that resulted in action plans that produced results.
  • Consulting on a multidisciplinary City research and development initiative, combining Community Development, Redevelopment, and Housing. Results included leveraged impact of the three groups, streamlined processes, strengthened interfaces, and increased results for the community.
  • Facilitation of project team leaders on a capital fund drive in quarterly meeting reviews over a one-year period that resulted in increased individual and team accountability and financial results.

Helping sales teams achieve a competitive edge through improved account relationships and intra-team collaboration.

  • Consulting on customer effectiveness with a high-tech marketing team. We helped them to understand their customer’s profiles and showed them how to be more competitive.
  • Consulting on internal sales teamworkwith sales regions of another high-tech organization that resulted in an increase in teamwork effectiveness and their strengthened ability to serve the needs of diverse accounts.

Using customer and employee feedback to achieve measurable service increases.

  • Design and implementation of a customer satisfaction survey for a Fortune 500 global high tech group over a 5-year period. This process was transferred to the client organization over a four-year period. Results included large improvements in all thirteen metrics, reduced risk in meeting product release targets, and significantly reduced TT$ for the organization.
  • Design and implementation of an employee satisfaction survey over a period of 3 years for a Fortune 500 global high tech organization, resulting in significant increases in employee retention, career development, and job satisfaction.
  • Culture and employee satisfaction assessment interviews of all employees of a rapidly growing financial services company. Provided results and recommendations to the CEO and senior management team, and facilitated an action plan that resulted in the implementation of that plan, including related communications to employees.

Coaching executives for improved performance and professional development/advancement

  • Coaching senior executives who want to increase their effectiveness and engage in tailored professional development. We will describe these engagements in clusters in order to preserve the anonymity of individual clients:
    • A variety of executives who were stalled in their careersdue to interpersonal difficulties, difficulty creating a vision and strategy, difficulty executing to the strategy, etc.
    • A variety of executives who were identified as high performers with high leadership potentialby their organizations who needed fast, personalized development in order to prepare for a promotion.
    • CEO/Entrepreneurs of start-up companieswho needed support on working with his/her staff and getting results in a small, fast-moving development environment.

In each of these situations, we developed an action plan with the client, and provided tailored, focused coaching to help those clients achieve their goals. We have worked with many clients in a variety of industries and organizations: high tech, health care, financial services, entertainment, government, fashion, and education, among others.

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